Shared Stay?

Create a group. Add members staying with you. Add bills or entries for every expense. Checkout summary every monthend. Settle-Up !


Shared Car?

Create a group. Add members using your car. Add bills or entries for every journey expense and maintenance. Checkout summary every weekend or monthend. Settle-Up !



Create a group. Add members staying with you. Add bills for every expense. Checkout summary every monthend. Settle-Up !

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Story... & the beginning

Me and my friends lived sharing an apartment and all the expenses there. It became a bit tedious job to note down all bills in a notebook. Was hard to understand each other's handwriting and always ended up in trouble at the end. The silent member lost his money all the time.

This made us think of designing an expense management software... tried, excel sheets, google docs and later this expense management portal was developed on our own and has made our life a lot easier. The webpage is so simple and loads even on a cellphone.

Friends! please check out and let us know your feedback. Its 100% free.

Tip: You can also create personal group (Name it "My personal expenses" or "My Savings") to manage your personal private expenses. Do not add any users to that group. Simply add bills on that group and by month end, you can open up the summary to find out how you spent your money that month.


Sherbaz's roommates and friends helped him with more ideas, pointed out bugs and always gave feedback. Even though the feedbacks gave him busy weekends, He managed to address most of them. Meanwhile, several other companies and developers also came up with similar web solutions for the same cause.



Sherbaz Mohamed Founder & Developer

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